Created by Dancers for Dancers – “The sheer pleasure of flying is something we seek to share with all!”

NEWSAM Aerial Dance, with the support of the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) of St. Louis, are pleased to announce the publication of the second volume of Aerial Dance for Dancers, a pioneering aerial dance curriculum for teachers and students interested in learning and mastering this exciting, fast-growing dance discipline.

The second in a projected four-book series, Aerial Dance for Dancers – Single Point Dance Trapeze introduces practitioners to key concepts using the single point dance trapeze.

At the core of the syllabus are its innovative “step by step” exercises: detailed explanations of fundamental floor and aerial movements, along with all the necessary information to effectively link these movements into sequences. Also provided are descriptions of aerial rigging equipment, important instructions for safety and spotting, and sections on time management and class structure. Finally, the book includes hundreds of illustrations of essential aerial dance positions, and a glossary of terminology.

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