NEW BOOK NOW AVAILABLE: Aerial Hammock Technique & Syllabus

The Newest Addition to Our Book Series "Aerial Dance for Dancers"

Experience the artistry of dance, the discipline of yoga, and the excitement of flying

Achieve harmony of body, floor, and air with this delightful introduction to key concepts using the aerial hammock

This syllabus is designed for teachers and students who are interested in learning and understanding the connection between aerial and floor movements. It teaches not only aerial skills and tricks, but also how these elements can be seamlessly merged with dance movements on the ground.

Aerial Dance for Dancers provides teachers and dancers with the tools they need to understand the organic connection between aerial and floor movements. Our detailed “Step by step” floor & aerial exercises contain all the information required to effectively link movements into sequences: music, counts, starting position, space, tips, and outcomes.

This book also provides a variety of support materials, including: descriptions of aerial rigging equipment, important instructions for safety and spotting, lesson examples with time management, and illustrations of essential aerial dance positions. It also contains a glossary of dance terminology.

In its unique synthesis of yoga, ballet, contemporary dance, and circus, Aerial Dance for Dancers offers teachers and dancers inclusive access to the resources of this innovative, expressive movement style.

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