aerial choreography

NEWSAM is constantly creating new productions in order to offer the audience novel performances that meet its expectations. In our choreographic process, we offer dancers the chance to explore all levels of space in three dimensions through a process of directed improvisation. The themes of our choreographies are varied, as are the sources of inspiration, which may arise from inner feelings, or from external events we observe in reality.

Let us take your event to the next level! NEWSAM AERIAL DANCE will work with you to create and lift up your performance. Our choreographies will add vitality and strength to your event. Graciela and Monica have been invited as guest choreographers and performers in several countries including France, Italy, India, Spain, Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama, and the United States.

We offer choreographies of Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Trapeze, Cube, and Harness.

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“Fluid performance of excellent quality, bearer of unforgettable images and poignant moments”                                    Andres Muñoz Andrade. La Prensa, El Talingo. Panama.


“Delightful simplicity that depict the emotional struggle of the heroine’s heart with light footed movement and linear grace”                  Nand Kumar Mudgal. Evening News. India.