Why the Single Point Trapeze?

So many people spend much of their later lives trying to recapture their youth. For dancers, the discovery of aerial dancing does just that. No other form of aerial dancing brings us back in time quite like the trapeze. But it is the structure of the single point trapeze that makes it ideal for learners’ progression, and that is why the second book in our series shares the techniques of single point trapeze.


“There is something about sitting on a trapeze that takes us back to childhood. The experience of being on a swing set and a trapeze are remarkably similar because they have similar structures: one horizontal piece of wood hung from a rope on each end.”

– Aerial Dance for Dancers – Single Point Trapeze Technique & Syllabus




Our new book, Aerial Dance for Dancers – Single Point Trapeze Technique & Syllabus (Get your copy here!), provides a syllabus containing lesson examples, support materials, 75 aerial and floor exercises (broken down into steps), and 481 illustrations of dance positions and more! We cannot wait to share this beloved style of dance with you. Whether you are a dance teacher or student, self-taught dancer, professional dancer, amateur dancer, or simply a dance lover, there is something for everyone to learn within these pages. Of course, we couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peek or two!


“As we worked with the trapeze, our bodies had to adapt to the equipment. Over time, especially after weeks and months of hour-long classes, the consistent contact with the bar and the ropes caused us to build calluses in our hands. As we continued to learn more complex tricks, we also discovered bruises on our body created by the ropes or the bar. The trapeze made us develop some tough skin! Despite all of that, the best part was always sitting on the bar and feeling like a child on a swing again.”


Aerial Dancing Gives Us Wings


The childhood dreams of flying, in a sense, come true. The rush of plunging downward still awakens butterflies in our stomachs, fueling our passion into and through our performances, strengthening our bodies with every movement. These are only a few of the perks that come with exploring and experiencing trapeze.


We believe trapeze is a key stepping stone in working towards any other aerial dance equipment. It creates the necessary and strong foundation for pursuing dance flight. The hours of training are long, the work is hard, but the reward is absolutely worth it. Plus, it’s freeing and fun!


In these times of great uncertainty, may we inspire you to learn something new, always strive for improvement, and hold on to the precious memories of childhood, remembering that your life is far from over. May your spirit be renewed. This is just the beginning!


Thank you for sharing in this journey with us!


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