Why yoga in our work?

In the Sutras of Pathangeli, Yoga means “union” of the individual consciousness or soul with the universal consciousness or spirit.  I recall reading the definition of this discipline and closing the book immediately.  I didn’t understand a word!  

Years later I found myself with my sister, studying Indian Classical Dance in India. It was August, the height of the monsoon season.  45 degrees celsius of sticky humidity while waiting at a red light at a New Delhi crossroad is a proven test of self-control.   I remember standing there, the dull noise of my scooter’s engine rising to join the immense crowd of people and cows around me. A cow was laying down on the sidewalk nearby; its hot breath on my ankle added heat to my already steaming body.  Drowning in a mass of pollution, dust and dirt, I felt like an ostrich, just searching for breathable air. Then it hit me.  Union of the soul with the universe is what I need it to separate my mind form my body, and join the universal consciousness.  That was the first time I thought seriously about Yoga.  6 months later , my sister and I joined a known school and started regular practice.

20 years have passed since our first class.  What started as a way to warm up our bodies before dance class became a fundamental part of our lives.  In our practice, Yoga is our personal Swiss Army Knife: sturdy, flexible and compact. Yoga is always there to rescue us from difficult moments.  It is so forgiving that if you stop the practice you can take it back up again.  And its best feature is that it travels well adapting to all terrains and circumstances.

Because Yoga is  within you!


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October 6, 2015 at 4:21 am

Although, I do not participate in yoga practices in my spare time I have heard of many people using it as a way of relieving stress the day has caused or as a way to start the day. Not often have I heard of people using yoga as a way of rescuing themselves from difficult moments throughout the day. When I think of yoga I think of classes that consist of switching and holding positions and I forget meditating and breathing is an equal if not bigger part. Meditating and using breath as a way to center yourself and endure a difficult moment could be much better for a person’s well being than getting angry at a situation that can’t be changed. Having the ability to meditate and use yoga as an option to physically and mentally prepare for an event could do a lot more good than harm!

Morgan Smith
October 11, 2015 at 11:51 pm

I firmly agree yoga is a useful and necessary practice, especially as a dancer who uses her body daily. Yoga is a way to connect internally so you may be able to execute things externally. I have noticed that a yoga centered warm up before beginning an aerial class has been very useful to me and makes me feel centered, strong, and ready to physically implement what I am learning and attempting to do in class. Yoga allows you to simply observe what is happening in the body and soul without judging. Judging what you are doing can cause a hindrance in the ability to perform and succeed. I enjoy the opportunity to utilize yoga in order to learn aerial.

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