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Our Aerial Dance Classes

NEWSAM AERIAL DANCE is a fast-growing organization offering workshops and master classes in the exciting artistic discipline of aerial dance. Currently teaching at Webster University (St. Louis MO) and at L’école de Cirque Tous en Piste on the French Riviera, we have conducted workshops and master classes all over the world, including Spain, the Bahamas, Panama, Venezuela, India, El Salvador, and Egypt.

This fascinating work, and our life-long passion for dance, has led us to develop an innovative educational program: Aerial Dance for Dancers – Technique and Syllabus. This six-level syllabus, designed for students with no previous aerial dance training, is unique in offering each student their own apparatus on which to work. It teaches not only aerial skills and tricks, but also how these elements can be seamlessly merged with dance movements on the floor, building linked yet flexible sequences of movements. Your students will discover a new body-space relationship while having fun in a safe environment.

In order to help you integrate this curriculum into your current educational needs, NEWSAM AERIAL DANCE can provide group classes, workshops, or private classes, all tailored to suit your specific program.

We offer choreographies of Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Trapeze, Cube, Aerial Hammock and Harness.

We provide performances, workshops and master classes to colleges and universities, schools K-12, afterschool programs, instruction for gym classes, and corporate team building.

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Rigging is particular for each performance, workshop or master class. The conditions vary depending on the choreography that is being performed or the type of workshop or master class being taught. Our rigging is adjustable and we can adapt to a different types of spaces and rig point heights. However, we required a minimum ceiling height of 13 feet in order to provide you with our best performances and/or class experience.


In doing any aerial dance or aerial trick there is a real chance of injury no matter how “safe” or experienced you are, or who is spotting or teaching you. The author, or anyone else whose advice was used in writing this website or posting will not be responsible for any injury or misunderstanding resulting from the practice or performance of any feats described in this work, which includes every single post and movement seen in this website and/or video blog. The use of our website constitutes an agreement to this effect. Furthermore, the authors advise consulting a professional instructor and rigger when it comes to using any safety aerial apparatus, safety lines or hanging equipment. All dance works and/or techniques described or shown on this site should be done with the professional.  Do not try at home.

Interview at Circus Harmony

Aerial Sun Salutation

What students have said about our classes:

“It push me out of my comfort zone and it reminded me how much I love to dance. I am going to pick it up again and keep it a part of my life.”

“Pushes me to take risks and develop a new kind of strength.”

“Increases strength and flexibility.”

“It gets you in a great physical shape and it’s fun.”

“I got to learn a different dance form that not everyone gets a chance to learn.”